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Our How To's

Garden Glow-Up: Paint Tips for a Stunning Outdoor Space

July 01, 2024

As the summer months arrive, there’s no better time to extend your living space outdoors. Transforming your garden into a cosy, stylish retreat can be a delightful project, especially when you harness the power of colour.
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Discover the Future of Colour Exploration: Introducing Colourtrend's Cutting-Edge Colour Card’s.

May 23, 2024

At Colourtrend, we understand the significance of choosing the perfect palette for your space, and that's why we're thrilled to unveil our revolutionary approach to colour selection with our brand-new ‘Build Your Own’ Colour Card System.
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Painting the Perfect Easter Egg with Sample Pots

March 28, 2024

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How To Reuse Your Sample Pots: Flower Pots

June 02, 2023

Have you ever found yourself staring at an array of leftover paint sample pots, remnants of previous projects, cluttering your storage space? Instead of letting those paint samples go to waste, why not get creative and give them new life?
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How to paint your Halloween Pumpkins

October 18, 2022

It's that time of year again, spooky season. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get your creative juices flowing. Whether that is creating your scary costume, decorating your home or, like us, painting... 

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Preparing for your Colourtrend online colour consultation

July 19, 2022

To help you prepare for your Online Colour Consultation, we have put together a guide that will help you choose the right consultation for your project as well as telling you a little more about what you can expect from a consultation and some top tips to help you prepare for your call...

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How To Panel a Wall

May 13, 2022

Wall Panelling has become an extremely popular interior trend and has taken over our Instagram feeds by storm! Panelling can really transform a room and will add a completely different feel than a painted feature wall. Continue reading to find out how you can create your own DIY panelling at home...
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Everything you need to know about colour drenching

May 06, 2022

Colour drenching is a concept that is quickly rising in popularity amongst homeowners, but what is colour drenching? Colour drenching a room involves using the same colour in different forms throughout the space, the trend can be easily achieved by painting your walls and woodwork in the same colour...
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How To Colour Block

April 21, 2022

To help you re-imagine your space and create your own colour block at home, we have compiled all of our expert tips and advice into one short how-to video. Choose your favourite Colourtend shade and follow our simple steps to give your room a fresh new look...
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Create Your Own Personal Paint Pour

March 16, 2022

There are infinite ways to create your own paint pour art. In our kit we focus on two methods that are suitable for everyone. We encourage you to get creative and think outside the box to create a paint pour that is unique and personal to you!
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How To Paint Responsibly

January 05, 2022

At Colourtrend, we are committed to crafting paints that exist in perfect unity with the world around us. To help you approach your painting project in a more environmentally conscious manner, we have provided some guidance below that will allow you to paint in a more responsible, sustainable way...
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How to Open your Prime Range Can

December 01, 2021

Our Prime Range cans are designed to ensure a well-sealed, air-tight environment for your primer. Take a look at our quick video below demonstrating how to open your Prime Range can...
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