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October 18, 2022 3 min read

It's that time of year again, spooky season. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get your creative juices flowing. Whether that is creating your scary costume, decorating your home or, like us, painting pumpkins! 

Painting your pumpkin is a great way to add a personal touch to your festive household and uses any excess paint you may have stored away. You may have seen our 2021 painted pumpkins, but we have decided to dedicate our designs to our favourite Halloween characters this year. We have put together tips, tricks and treats for painting the most wonderfully scary pumpkins this festive season. So grab your family and friends this Halloween, and Get Creative with Colourtrend.

4 accessories are needed:

Luckily, most of these elements can be found around your house.

1. DESIGN: First, you need an artistic and festive design. Pull inspiration from your favourite characters or preferred Halloween patterns. 

2. PUMPKINS: Go to your nearest shop and grab as many pumpkins as you need. Big or small, whichever size suits you and your group. 

3. PAINT: Leftover Colourtrend paints or sample pots. Choose any colour that you have available, as long as it fits within your design. 

4. PAINT BRUSHES: Of all sizes. You will need a larger brush to cover the surface of the pumpkin and a smaller brush for the more intricate details. 

OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Cut out stencils beforehand, this will help with the precision of your design. Decorating accessories are optional too and can elevate your pumpkin's scariness. Glitter, googly eyes, stickers, and fake blood will do wonders for your pumpkin makeover.  

What is needed


4 steps to spooky pumpkins:


Inspect your pumpkin, look for the best area for your design, and watch out for bruises or blemishes. Give your chosen pumpkin a sparkling clean and be sure to dry the outside fully.


Your workstation is as important as your pumpkin selection. Lay newspaper or cloth to avoid any damage to your work surface. Ensure you have your Colourtrend paint and paint brushes to hand. 


Now the fun can begin. Open your leftover paint and start applying your design to your pumpkin. Make sure to take your time and enjoy the process. It may take several paint coats to get your desired look, so patience is key. Before applying additional coats, ensure the paint below is dry.

Check out our Colourtrend 2022 pumpkin designs below for motivation.


Jack Skellington:  We attempted to honour our favourite Halloween character, Jack Skellington. Jack’s body was painted with two coats of Arctic Blonde for a clean and crisp look. The distinguishable smile, eyes and nose were sketched and painted Black.

Scream:  A Halloween classic, our Scream design was created by painting the pumpkin with our Black and only needed one coat. Once dry to the touch, the famous Scream mouth and eyes were painted with Arctic Blonde.

Sparkle Bomb:  Colourtrend’s favourite 2022 Pumpkin design is our sparkle bomb. Created using Oyster Bed and some glitter that was added while the paint was still wet. 

Small & Striped:  An example of how simple painting can be. Our smallest pumpkin was painted with Nettle Soup and striped with Newgrange, because who doesn't like stripes?  


Once your pumpkins are painted, you can add even more accessories to bring your pumpkins to life. 

Pumpkin designs


Reasons to paint your pumpkins:

Reuses leftover paint 
This activity is fun activity for all the family to get involved with and is a great way to make use of your leftover paint or sample pots. Painting your pumpkins this Halloween is not only enjoyable, but environmentally friendly. 

All-day fun with friends and family 
As winter swoops in and the evenings get colder, it can be hard to think of activities to do. Painting your pumpkin is a fun and time-consuming activity that can invite all ages to join in for a day of excitement. 

More festive decorations 
Painting your pumpkins adds even more decorations to your collection because you can never have too many. Give your home a unique, festive look with your painted pumpkins.

We invite you to get creative with Colourtrend this Halloween, and if you do, please send us pictures/videos of your artistic pumpkin designs. You can tag us on social channels @colourtrendpaints or use the hashtag #GetCreativeWithColourtrend, we would be delighted to see any of your creations this Halloween season. 

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