About - Colourtrend Paints

Our Story

In 1950, like so many others, Ronan O'Connor left Ireland and went to the USA to find work. Unlike many others, Ronan made it home again. After just a few years he brought home leading-edge paint technology, founded Colourtrend Paints and revolutionised paint forever.

Yet Ronan didn’t just want to put paint in Ireland. He wanted to put Ireland in paint. So it’s not surprising that the Colourtrend range grew and grew, to include the elusive colours of the Irish landscape: simple and mysterious, everyday and precious. From the hues of Ireland’s earth and sky and waters, to its wild flora and native fauna. Today you’ll find your perfect colour among the vast and ever-growing range of Colourtrend’s Irish-inspired collections.

Our history

Est. 1953

General Paints was established in 1953 by Ronan O’Connor in Celbridge, Co. Kildare. He set up the company in a section of a Famine Workhouse, dating from 1841.


In the 1960s Colourtrend General Paints introduced tinting systems to Ireland. With the advent of emulsion technology from America in the 1960s, General Paints became the first European paint company to manufacture a water-based paint using pure acrylic resin.


Since the year 2000 the company has modernised and expanded both manufacturing and storage facilities, as well as expanding retail, stockist and industrial bases.


Today Colourtrend is still 100% Irish family owned and operated. Our leading-edge paint company operates at the forefront of paint technology, offering 100% pure acrylic decorative paint.

Our Technology

For over 60 years we have been passionate about paint and committed to being at the cutting edge of paint technology. Our passion for paint over the years means we are truly the trail-blazers of the paint industry in Ireland.

We were the first to introduce acrylic technology to Ireland and the first to bring in improvements in pigment and tinting techniques.

Our team of dedicated and skilled chemists formulate high performance paint, using only the best ingredients, making our paints apply smoother, last longer and withstand the wiping away of common household stains, making it the perfect family paint.