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June 22, 2022 4 min read

A fresh lick of paint on your front door is a quick and simple way to revive your home's whole exterior. A carefully selected front door colour will draw the eye of any onlookers and have you receiving compliments all year round. Here are a few on-trend ideas to inspire and excite you into painting your front door this summer.

Drawing inspiration from nature

When choosing your front door colour why not head outside and get inspired by the foliage around your home to create a front door that is harmonious with your landscape. Humans have an innate attraction to nature, so it’s no wonder we are seeing nature inspired colours trending right now. The nature around your house can be the perfect inspiration. Drawing inspiration from nature with colours such as sage and leafy greens as well as sky blues creates a grounded and calm entrance for your home that will sit perfectly in your home’s landscape.

Front door painted in colourtrend Grey Door from the Historic collection

Colour: Grey Door (Door)

As shown above, Grey Door is a cool blue grey which is perfect to draw on a cool spring sky that we see in Ireland, this grey blue shade is characteristic of a typical Irish blue sky.

Front door painted in Colourtrend Curragh Green from the Weather collection

Colour: Curragh Green (Door)

Curragh Green is another popular nature inspired hue, inspired by the extended flat open plains of the curragh of Kildare. The earth pigments used to create this colour will blend beautifully into any landscape. We can see this colour in foliage around all our homes much like the shrubbery featured above.


Your front door is the perfect opportunity to do something different and make a statement by adding a pop of colour to your home. While some people may find bright colours slightly daunting, your front door is the perfect opportunity to experiment as it is a feature that can be changed as often as you like. Sunny colours like Georgian Gold, Ruby Vermillion and Merrion Blue make the perfect bold statement that will not go unnoticed.

If you want to make a statement but are hesitant about going quite so bright, you could try a slightly deeper tone of the colour you like. Take a look at the below examples for some inspiration on finding your favourite bright colour's deeper counterpart.

As you can see below, a deeper alternative to Georgian Gold is French Mustard. French Mustard will still give your front door that cheerful, sunny look but without the vibrancy of a brighter shade like Georgian Gold.

Colourtrend Paints Georgian Gold and French Mustard colours
Colours (L-R): Georgian Gold, French

If you are considering a shade of red, a deeper alternative to Ruby Vermillion is Baggot StreetBaggot Street has a stunning wine undertone that will add just the right amount of colour to your front door.

Colourtrend Paints Ruby Vermillion and Baggot Street colours

As shown below, a deeper alternative to Merrion Blue is Dragonfly Wing. These shades are perfect for those looking to create a calm feeling at the entrance of their home.

Colourtrend Paints Dragonfly Wing and Merrion Blue

Colours (L-R): Merrion Blue, Dragonfly Wing

Front door painted in Colourtrend Furze Lane from the Contemporary collection

Colour: Furze Lane (Door)

Make a statement with a bright and vibrant shade like Furze Lane. This is the perfect sunny colour that will attract attention and put a smile on your face every time you enter your home.

Elegant and Contemporary

A black front door is a classic, while we are seeing black being chosen more and more now, it is not confined to any trend. It is a timeless colour and will always feel classy and elegant. Black can be a good choice as it pairs well with a lot of popular exterior shades such as whites, grey, earthy beiges, and greens.

Front door painted in Colourtrend Dressage

Colour: Dressage

As shown above, Dressage is the perfect black for a front door. It is a touch off black so adds an interesting tone and effortlessly adds drama to any exterior.

Greys are still a popular and contemporary choice of colour for any part of your home and your front door is no exception. You can’t go wrong with grey, with a never-ending choice from dark to light and a variety of undertones there is sure to be a grey to suit you and your home.

Front door painted in colourtrend Little Egret from the Weather collection

Colour: Little Egret (Door)

Little Egret is the perfect mid grey tone to keep an exterior neutral and contemporary.

Understated alternatives to grey

While grey front doors are a stunning choice, we are seeing people branch outside of the grey colour family and going with understated alternatives to grey colours such as Mussel, Raglan Road and Bridle Path.
                                                                      Colourtrend Paints Mussel, Raglan Road and Bridle Path

Colour (L-R): Mussel, Raglan Road, Bridle Path

These colours are understated but will still bring an element of colour to your exterior. So, if you are feeling like venturing away from grey and doing something a bit different but aren’t wanting to go too bold, why not try one of these understated shades.

Front door painted in Coloutrend Natterjack from the Weather collection

Colour: Natterjack (Door)

Natterjack is another nice grey alternative. It is a deep green shade that is perfect for adding a touch of colour, but will still blend beautifully into the landscape around your home.

Front door painted in Colourtrend Raglan Road from the Weather collection

Colour: Raglan Road (Door)

Similarly, Raglan Road will add that same contemporary feel as a grey tone but the rich purple hue of this shade embodies the comfort of home. It feels interesting and different without drawing too much attention.

Front door painted in Colourtrend Mussel from the Contemporary collection

Colour: Mussel (Door)

As shown above, Mussel is the perfect navy tone with just the right amount of depth and character, this shade creates a simple but purposeful exterior.

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