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August 23, 2022 4 min read

The kitchen is one of the most utilised and important spaces in any home. You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, cooking meals, socialising with friends and hosting family get-togethers, so it’s important that your kitchen reflects your home’s personality and your personal style. Every colour can find its place in a kitchen- from bold and vibrant shades to more subdued and subtle shades. With so many fabulous colours to choose from for your kitchen, we know it can be difficult to narrow your choice down to just one scheme. Take a look at our top must-have kitchen trends below to get started with finding the perfect colour scheme for your kitchen.

Consider earthy tones

Earthy tones are really on trend at the moment and are suitable for every room in the house, including your kitchen. Using subdued, earthy colours as a base for your kitchen’s colour scheme is the ideal way to make you feel grounded and relaxed in one of the busiest rooms in your house. Cooking surrounded by sage greens, earthy brown and beiges feels like an escape rather than a chore.

Dining room in Colourtrend Burrowing

Colour: Burrowing (Walls)

Burrowing is a deep, earthy brown shade that will create a calm and tranquil atmosphere in a dining room or kitchen, transforming it into the perfect space for relaxed conversation over dinner. Choosing a richer shade for your kitchen like Burrowing will help create a cosy, cocooning effect, making your space fell warm and inviting.

Kitchen painted in silver birch, a green grey colour from Colourtrend paints, wooden floor, wooden table, blue chairs

Colour: Silver Birch (Walls)

As shown above, Silver Birch is the ideal colour to bring a sense of the outside into your kitchen. This nature-inspired, fresh green-grey will add a calm feeling to any space, it is a soft shade that is easy to live with. 

Embrace darker shades

Using deeper shades to make a statement in a kitchen is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners. While dark shades like black can be tricky colours to know where to fit it into your home, the kitchen is the ideal space for a dark shade. Black is a classic tone that adds depth, drama and creates a contemporary yet timeless look.

Kitchen wall in Colourtrend Dressage and Artic Blonde

Colour: Arctic Blonde (Brickwork) and Dressage (Feature Wall)

Our enchanting almost-black shade Dressage can be used to create a contemporary, industrial look. Balance out the depth of Dressage with a crisp, fresh white like Arctic Blonde to create a striking contrast. This black and white combination will keep your space feeling sophisticated and refined.

Make your Island the focal point

The kitchen island is an important feature in many homes so why not enhance its prominence even further and make it the focal point in your kitchen with colour. There are many ways to make your island stand out, painting your island a totally different colour to the other tones in your space is one way to make this feature stand out. Alternatively, go a shade or two lighter or darker than the your main kitchen cabinets to create a more subtle contrast that is still in keeping with your colour scheme.

Colour: Dolmen (Cabinets) and Contrast (Island)

Contrast adds the perfect pop of colour to this island. Using a bright shade like this is the perfect way to inject colour into your kitchen space and create a playful and fun atmosphere in the heart of your home.

Kitchen island in Colourtrend Christmas Wreath

Colour: Christmas Wreath (Island)

Christmas Wreath is another fantastic colour choice for an island. This is a stunning deep mossy green, that is bound to draw the eye straight to your kitchen island. This shade will bring a sense of stillness to your space, making your space feel tranquil, even at the busiest of cooking times.

Go for a contemporary look with Grey

Grey is a versatile tone that works in nearly any space and your kitchen is no exception. Whether you want to add depth to your space or brighten the look of your home's interior, there is a grey to suit all purposes. A grey tone can add a contemporary twist to a traditional kitchen and can provide the perfect base to introduce other colours within your interior colour scheme.

Kitchen cabinets in Colourtrend Isobar

Colour: Isobar (Cabinets)

As shown above, using a mid-grey tone such as Isobar on your kitchen cabinets is a simple way to contemporise the space whilst simultaneously adding a nice contrast to a colour scheme. Isobar is one of our most versatile greys and will fit in seamlessly with a variety of interior styles.

Keep it classic with white

If you want your kitchen to look as though it is taken directly from a glamourous model home, choosing an all-white kitchen colour scheme is the way to go. An all-white kitchen will create a bright, fresh and airy feeling in your space that will wow all dinner quests and will never go out of style.

Kitchen painted in Colourtrend Dove White

Colour: Dove White (Cabinets)

Choosing a shade that is just a touch off-white like our Dove White, is a great way to uplift and brighten your kitchen without it feeling overly cold or stark. The neutral undertones of an off-white like Dove White will create a soft, yet fresh look in your space.

Try trendy Inky shades

Deep tones such as navies, deep teals and inky blues are colours that have be come somewhat of a must-have in kitchens. This trend has now found a permanent spot in the list of top colours to use in kitchens. We attribute the popularity of these inky blue shades to the complexity of these tones, that often change the feeling of a room throughout the day, bringing warmth and vibrancy in daylight and creating a comforting, enveloping feeling by night-time.

Walls painted in Colourtrend Inkwell

Colour: Inkwell (Walls) and Brilliant White (Panelling/ Woodwork)

Inkwell is the perfect classic navy shade, and is a great example of how a shade can create an elegant feeling in a space. It creates a clean, sophisticated look in this space. Pair a deep, inky tone like Inkwell with a crisp white like Brilliant White to accentuate the undertones of this eye-catching shade even further.


We hope you are feeling inspired after taking a look through the latest in kitchen trends and inspiration. As always, we are here to help with any of your colour and product queries you may have. Reach out to us via our live chat feature here on our website, our video messaging service linked here, email at hello@colourtrend.ie and through our social channels @colourtrendpaints. We can’t wait to help you find the perfect colour for your next interior or exterior project.

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