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June 09, 2022 3 min read

We’ve teamed up with colour experts to bring you The Colour Edit, the most beautiful and trending colour schemes that will never go out of style.

This season’s colour experts include:

  • Dervla Farrell, Colourtrend Online Colour Expert
  • Tara Smart, Manager at Colourtrend Swords
  • Ger Cooney, Interior Architect & Colour Consultant
  • Nikki van Loon, co-owner of Templeogue Décor

The Scheme Colours

The Colour Edit by Colourtrend Paints, Volume 1

This summer we are moving away from cooler, industrial tones towards warm, nature-inspired hues to create a comforting sense of calm in the home. We wanted to create a grounded palette that gives a sense of style with the flare of a contemporary scheme and has something for everyone.

In this volume, our hero shade is Palm House Fountain, a gorgeous soft olive-green tone. Our scheme also features the deepest green in our collection, Four Arches, which is a profound and concentrated shade. These greens bring a sense of familiarity to us all, instilling a feeling of rest and putting the mind and body at ease.

Our next complementary colour is Pink Chocolate. This shade adds a feminine touch to the scheme with the warmth of its chocolate undertones and its invigorating pink tint adding a sense of excitement.

Our final complementary colours for this scheme are Parson’s Stone and Shell Cove. These colours are every neutral lover's dream, with Parson’s Stone being a warm toned and easy-going taupe that will fit effortlessly into any scheme. Shell Cove is a bright and airy canvas toned off-white, a pure and low-key colour to bring a feeling of lightness to the space.

How to incorporate these shades into your space

Palm House Fountain from Colourtrend Paints

Colour: Palm House Fountain, Historic Collection (Walls)

Palm House Fountain is the ideal tone to create that cosy and inviting bedroom space. This beautiful shade is extremely versatile, giving you that refreshing feeling in the morning and that relaxing feeling at night.

The kitchen is another area where Palm House Fountain works beautifully. Pair this colour with more traditional kitchen cabinets for that cottagecore feel or use on woodwork for a pop of soothing olive.

Tara Smart, Manager at Colourtrend Swords explains why Palm House Fountain was chosen as the Hero Colour, “We chose this colour for its flexibility, it can be used for interior or exterior, trim or all over colour. It is a very calming and soothing colour, it really brings the outdoors indoor.

This eye-catching hue has a warm appearance and works well as a main room option as well as a statement option against more subtle tones and can add character to any space.

Four Arches and Shell Cove from Colourtrend Paints

Colours: Four Arches (Walls and woodwork) and Shell Cove (Headboard)

Four Arches really shines when used on woodwork, whether it's contrasting with a more neutral wall tone or a maximalist pairing, or when used on kitchen cabinets to create dark and luxurious cabinetry. Four Arches is also perfect for that dramatic bathroom or bedroom.  

This is a strong hue and is ideal to create a rich moody atmosphere, instantly transforming a complete room. Also effective for statement walls, colour blocking and furniture.” describes Interior Architect and Designer Ger Cooney.

Pink Chocolate and Shell Cove from Colourtrend Paints

Colours: Pink Chocolate (Panelling) and Shell Cove (Walls)

Pink Chocolate is a colour that conjures up the warmth of summer and brings an earthy and comforting feeling of connection to nature into the home,” says Nikki van Loon of Templeogue Décor. “It is a perfect colour for panelling and is a winning combination with all of the colours in this scheme.

Pink Chocolate is such a unique shade that brings your exterior projects to life, whether it's on a front door or some garden furniture. Pink Chocolate is also perfect for bedrooms, letting its warmth rock you to sleep.

Shell Cove is a beautiful base shade to create a fresh canvas. A versatile shade, Shell Cove is the perfect tone to bounce stronger shades off or to carry through your entire space. Similarly, Parson’s Stone is a shade that will find a place in every room, from woodwork to walls.

Parson's Stone from Colourtrend Paints

Colour: Parson’s Stone (Walls and Panelling)

These gorgeous colours are hugely popular in new builds/modern renovations, it’s the minimalists’ dream. Shell Cove has been a popular shade for those that want a bright and warm contemporary “white” as a base shade for their home but still want to keep a Scandi/ Nordic style feel. Parson’s Stone is a classic neutral taupe, warm tone, which works well alone or with almost any colour.explains Dervla Farrell, Colourtrend’s Online Colour Expert.

Inspiration and Advice

Looking for more colour inspiration? Check out our blog, The Trend and follow us on all our social channels @colourtrendpaints.

We are here to help online Mon-Fri via our live chat feature on our website, email at and across our all our social channels @colourtrendpaints. For advice on creating your perfect colour scheme for your home, explore our range of online colour consultation services here

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