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October 18, 2022 4 min read

The leaves are changing colour and the evenings are getting shorter, autumn is here. What better way to jump into the cooler season than to cosy up your home with some fabulous colours! We’ve teamed up with some amazing colour experts to bring you the trending colours for The Colour Edit Volume 2.

This Volume’s colour experts include:

  • Emma Edmonds, Interior Designer and Colour Consultant at Stillorgan Decor
  • Ger Cooney, Interior Architect & Colour Consultant
  • Dervla Farrell, Colourtrend Online Colour Expert
  • Tara Smart, Manager at Colourtrend Swords



Colour: Reinvent (walls) and Temperance (chest of drawers)

Coming into the cooler months, we are looking at richer hues to create a warm atmosphere in the home. The palette our experts created combines deeper tones with calming colours to create a balanced scheme. As well as warmer colours, biophilic design (bringing the outside in), a trend that will long continue, is also echoed in this palette.  

Our hero shade is Pine Marten, an intriguing and versatile colour. A deep and grounding shade of brown that is perfect for a feature wall or for panelling.

Esker Ridge is an ideal complimentary colour to balance the striking Pine Marten. Esker Ridge, a warm neutral, works well in open plan spaces and is an ideal base colour to combine with richer tones.

Temperance, the next complimentary colour, is a beautiful neutral shade that exudes minimalism and modernity. A beautiful accompaniment to all the Volume 2 colours.

Adding in a more vibrant hue, Tuscan Tile is a beautiful marriage of terracotta tones and warm red brick shades. This shade works well as a standalone colour or is perfect for adding a pop of colour to your home.

Our final colour, Reinvent, ties the whole scheme together. Reinvent is a subtle off white that adds balance to warmer colour schemes. A complimentary tone to lighter contemporary colours and deep, moody statement shades; perfect for this palette.


Speaking on the Colour Edit Vol. 2 scheme, Emma Edmonds said “this volume reflects the current theme of bringing the outside in. Warming up your home for cosy nights in. With a nod to the 1960s with a modern twist. I love specifying Colourtrend paints. Always beautiful colours with fabulous hard-wearing finish.”



Colour: Pine Marten (Walls) 


Pine Marten may seem like a dramatic choice for your project, but it is a wonderful addition that creates depth and warmth in your space. If you’re looking to elevate your bedroom, colour drenching (painting your walls, ceiling, and woodwork) with Pine Marten evokes a sense of calm and sophistication.

Pine Marten is rich enveloping colour that adds warmth and depth to any scheme.”describes Interior Architect and Designer Ger Cooney.  “Ideal as a statement wall, used on furniture or for a dramatic look on a ceiling. A striking alternative to statement options such as navy and greens.


Colour: Pine Marten (Panelling) 


Or for a wow factor that will have your house guests not wanting to leave, Pine Marten is a stunning shade for an eclectic living room. Pair with a variety of colours and textures, this room will be the most popular space in your home.


Colour: Esker Ridge (Walls) 


Esker Ridge is a stone neutral the resembles the landscape of Ireland. A beautiful calming tone that will ground your space. A beautiful colour in its own right, or a perfect partner to balance more colourful hues.

Colourtrend’s Online Colour Expert, Derval Farrell says “Esker Ridge is by far one of my favourite shades from our collections, an unexpected blend of greys, browns, whites, and greens to create this mushroom tone. Esker Ridge finds a place anywhere in the home, relaxing and contemporary, perfect shade to wind down any colour scheme.


Colour: Temperance (Panelling)  


Temperance, a light warmth of earthy grey, works in almost any space. Use it to brighten your dining room and balance with some subtle deep textiles. Or pair it with Reinvent to bring an extra layer of depth to your walls.

Tara Smart, Manager of the Colourtrend Paint & Wallpaper Store in Swords, says Temperance “works well as an all over woodwork colour as it works with most colours on walls. Very popular with those who like to stay away from clinical white woodwork. It also equally works well as an all over colour because its contemporary grey with no yellow undertones.”


Colour: Tuscan Tile (Walls)


With terracotta and brick colours on the rise, Tuscan Tile is a beautiful earthy pigment that will create a sense of tranquillity.  A rich deep terracotta colour that can be used to add a pop of colour in a space to add a rustic feel.

A rich injection of colour that creates instant warmth and interest. Used as an effective accent colour or in cosier nooks on panelling. Combines well with warmer neutrals such as Esker Ridge and Reinvent” say Ger Cooney.


Colour: Reinvent (Cabinets)


Reinvent, a colour which offers versatility with accent colours as well as being an effective option for a main wall. Ideal for a cosy scheme for living room and bedroom spaces, as well as cabinets and furniture. It has a rich timeless quality that can combine with options such as Temperance and Esker Ridge

Emma Edmond, Interior Designer and Colour Consultant at Stillorgan Décor, loves using tonal colours in interiors. These types of colours make it very easy to decorate any room. “Reinvent is a beautiful deep shade, perfect for kitchen cabinets.


Colour: Reinvent (feature wall) 


Inspiration and advice

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