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Our Go-To Green Shades

December 03, 2021

Welcoming the calming influences of nature into your home with a green interior will invigorate and uplift your space. Depending on the depth and tone, greens can be soothing and refreshing, or they can be bold and powerful. Take a look through our go-to green colours from our collection to feel inspired for your next interior project...
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December Colourtrend of The Month

December 01, 2021

December is a month filled with excitement and joy, with many of us eagerly counting down the days to the long-awaited Christmas festivities. December’s Colourtrend of the Month is Christmas Wreath, an inherently warm and deep mossy toned green from our Historic Collection....
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6 Inspiring Home Office Ideas

November 24, 2021

A dedicated workspace in your home that encourages focus and productivity, is one of the key aspects of achieving a work-life balance. The colours you choose to surround yourself with can have a direct effect on your mood, so it is of vital importance to create a workspace that you will enjoy spending time in....
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November Colourtrend of the Month

November 12, 2021

As the long nights of November take hold, we turn to cosy evenings beside the fire with a hot chocolate in hand for a sense of warmth and comfort. November’s Colourtrend of the Month is Source, an alluring mature teal that is anything but cold...
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Everything you need to know about feature walls

November 04, 2021

Feature walls provide an excellent opportunity to introduce depth and dimension in to your space and are a simple but effective means of changing up your home's interior. With the Christmas festivities fast approaching, what better way to elevate your dining space than with a feature wall....
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Our Wallpaper Tips and Tricks

September 30, 2021

Throughout the month of October, you can avail of 20% off all wallpaper at all Colourtrend Paint and Wallpaper Stores. With our wide range of wallpapers to choose from in-store, you can be sure that you will find the perfect print to give your space a unique look...
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Our top tips for painting responsibly

September 27, 2021

At Colourtrend, we are committed to crafting paints that exist in perfect unity with the world around us. To help you approach your painting project in a more environmentally conscious manner, we have provided some guidance below that will allow you to paint in a more responsible, sustainable way...
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Meet Our Online Colour Expert

September 24, 2021

At Colourtrend, our network of colour experts are here to help you with all your colour queries. Our Online Colour Expert, Dervla Farrell, has a keen eye for colour that can help you approach your painting project with confidence....
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September Colourtrend of the Month- Baked Plum

September 16, 2021

As we enter the Autumnal months, we look forward to occupying our minds with beloved hobbies and pastimes that bring us a unique sense of comfort and satisfaction. September’s Colourtrend of the Month, Baked Plum, can fill your home with the same sense with its intriguing and profound, deep tone....
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August Colourtrend of the Month- Treacle Pudding

August 19, 2021

With the summer months drawing to a close, we endeavour to enjoy the last of these warm, sunny days outdoors amongst nature’s wonderful summer-time offering. Create an everlasting summer with August’s Colourtrend of the Month, Treacle Pudding, a sumptuous tone from our Historic Collection...
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Our Go-To Neutral Shades

August 12, 2021

Neutral palettes are inherently soothing and provide the perfect base to introduce colourful accents in your space. Below, we have selected our go-to neutral colours from our collection that we know you will love living with...
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How to introduce dark colours in to your home

July 23, 2021

Deep, moody tones work extremely well in our soft, Irish light. Dark colours can be intimidating to some but they can be an excellent way of adding drama, sophistication and character to a room...
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