Contemporary - Colourtrend Paints

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Arctic Blonde
Arctic Blonde from €1.70

Crisp & clean - with just a touch of sof...

Alabaster White
Alabaster White from €1.70

Fresh white with just an extra special touch...

French White
French White from €1.70

A modern classic with a crisp finish, just l...

Minimal from €1.70

Simply minimal like the feel of soft clean s...

Earnest from €1.70

To be sincere, genuine and earnest is someth...

Kittiwake from €1.70

Irish headlands are speckled with white flec...

Temperance from €1.70

Pure & profound, bring soothing tranquil...

Subtle from €1.70

An ethereal shade - the lightest of greys.

Oyster Bed
Oyster Bed from €1.70

Sometimes it is natural inspiration that giv...

Soda Bread
Soda Bread from €1.70

There’s nothing like the warm & comforti...

Cherished White
Cherished White from €1.70

Colour is an integral element in our world, ...

Spring's Call
Spring's Call from €1.70

As the weather warms, and the rain penetrate...

Aluna from €1.70

Welcoming & warm, Aluna is life giving w...

Old Bone
Old Bone from €1.70

Cradling the innate wisdom of the ages. ...

Pine Marten
Pine Marten from €1.70

Wild, wiry & wry - a strong warm tone to...