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March 10, 2022 3 min read

Our recently launched ‘A World of Quality in Every Colour’ campaign, tells the story of how our paints come to life at Colourtrend. Our TV ad showcases an abstract representation of the paint making process from start to finish, turning a functional story into something visually and audibly engaging while capturing the beauty of our paint making process. You can check out our TV ad here for a look at our beautiful story of colour.

A world of quality in every colour tagline with Colourtrend paint can

You may recognise our Juniper Whorl as the final product of this magnificent fusion of pigments and colours. Much like Juniper Whorl takes the spotlight in our story of colour, why not let this colour take centre stage in your home too?
Bold blues and navy hues are undoubtedly having their moment in interiors trends. Juniper Whorl is the perfect shade for those who wish to introduce depth and dimension without overpowering a space. Juniper Whorl can command the attention in your home when used in a bold way, or it can take a back seat in your home’s décor and sit comfortably amongst other shades in your colour scheme. Continue reading to discover three ways that you can introduce Juniper Whorl into your home.

1. As a main wall colour

Juniper Whorl main wall colour with wooden table and floor. Cream chair and side table with greenery.

Juniper Whorl will add a sense of stillness to your space when used as a main wall colour. This shade has a tranquil feeling to it that will instantly add a sense of relaxation to your home. Consider pairing this rich blue with natural woods and materials for a grounded, down to earth feeling in your space. As shown above, this will create a calm and comfortable environment in your living space.

2. As an accent colour on woodwork

Juniper Whorl wardrobe and door. Batch Loaf walls.

An alternative to traditional white woodwork, introducing a pop of colour on your woodwork will add depth and character to your space. As shown above, Juniper Whorl can be paired alongside simple neutrals, like Batch Loaf, for a sophisticated look. Using Juniper Whorl as a statement shade throughout your interior décor will naturally draw the eye to specific areas of your space. Consider using Juniper Whorl to showcase your favourite elements of your space such a piece of upcycled furniture or draw the eye towards interesting architectural features like your skirtings and architrave.

3. As a colour on panelling

Juniper Whorl walls and panelling in a bedroom with wooden bed frame and wooden chair

Wall panelling can completely transform and elevate a space. Rather than sticking to conventional neutrals and greys, why not consider showcasing your panelling even further with Juniper Whorl. Wall panelling will create an instant lift in your space by creating light and shadows, totally transforming what was once a flat wall- a rich blue like Juniper Whorl will help enhance this effect. Take this concept one step further by introducing Juniper Whorl on both your walls and panelling. As seen above, this will create a cosy, cocooning effect, which will be amplified by evening light. This idea is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms where you would like to create an immersive feeling and enhance the mood in your space.

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