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April 25, 2022 4 min read

The colours we introduce in our homes can communicate our styles, personalities and arguably most importantly, can help uplift and enhance our moods. With Spring in the air and Spring cleaning likely on our minds, what better time to turn our attention towards giving our homes a fresh look. It is time for the greys to move aside and make room for some colour in our homes this season. Introducing new colours into your space through painting, be it walls, woodwork or accent furniture, is an excellent way of breathing new life into your home. Take a look at our colourful ideas below and feel inspired to stray away from greys this season.

Out with the greys, in with the greens...

In many ways, green has become the new grey in interior décor trends. Greens are natural soothing and relaxing colours, making them ideal for living spaces like bedrooms, home offices and sitting rooms. From gentle sage greens to rich forest greens, there is a place for green in any home.

Grey couch in sitting room with green walls painted in Colourtrend's Schoolroom Green Paint. Light wooden floors. Black and white printed rug. Tall white lamp.

Schoolroom Green, Historic Collection

Turn to an earthy sage hue like Schoolroom Green, as shown above, to invigorate your space. This green has a cool blue undertone that will make your space feel grounded and down-to-earth. Surrounding ourselves with the calming influences of nature-inspired colours like Schoolroom Green will instil a sense of rest and relaxation in your space.

bright kitchen with dark green kitchen island, painted in Colourtrend Paints shade christmas wreath. Blue and white patterned floor tiles, white cabinets, cream coloured walls.

Christmas Wreath, Historic Collection

However, greens are not just intended for walls and can work beautifully as a colour for woodwork or cabinetry too, as shown above. This captivating kitchen island is painted in Christmas Wreath, a stunning mossy green from our Historic Collection. This rich shade is versatile in nature and will blend beautifully with warm whites and neutral tones that you may already have in your space.

Think Pink...

Gone are the days where pink is solely reserved for a little girl’s bedroom or a nursery. Pinks work extremely well with a wide variety of colours, making them the perfect replacement for classic neutrals and greys. Delicate and heart-warming, a pink interior is bound to instil a sense of joy in your space.

Neutral toned living room painted in Colourtrend Paints shade Lowland. Cream coloured couch, cream coloured lamp and lampshade, plant in the corner and picture on the wall.

Lowland, Contemporary Collection

As shown above, Lowland is a mature, dusted pink that will add a cosy glow to your space. This gentle shade will create a warm and welcoming environment in your home. Lowland is perfect for those looking for a relatively neutral colour, but with that little something more. Consider pairing Lowland with warm off whites and gentle greens for a contemporary yet inviting look in your space.

light pink bathroom painted in Colourtrend Paints shade Iced Float. White bath, white graphic print on the wall, light rattan laundry basket in the corner.

Iced Float, Contemporary Collection

Iced Float, as shown above, is a delicate blend of blush and auburn tones. Reminiscent of the frothy top of an ice cream float, this smile-inducing shade will add an uplifting cheerfulness to your space. Much like greens, blush pinks are calming in nature, but they are also playful and fun, giving you the best of both worlds for your space.

Feeling Blue...

A colour so prevalent in nature, blues are known for their sense of stillness and tranquillity. When many of us think of blue we may think of negative emotions like sadness and despair. However, this could not be further from the reality when it comes to blue interiors and our mood. Blue interiors are in fact peaceful and relaxing, reminding us of the sky on a clear day or the lapping waves of the ocean.

blue bedroom painted in Long Weekend paint colour by Colourtrend Paints. Blue duvet and cream blanket on bed. White bedside locker with white lamp.

Long Weekend, Contemporary Collection

Long Weekend is the perfect teal tone for those wishing to give their space a cosy yet refreshing look. This colour embodies the feeling so familiar to us at a Long Weekend, a sense of relaxation where all responsibilities cease to exist for a short amount of time. What better shade for your space than the tranquil Long Weekend?

navy blue kitchen cabinets painted in Colourtrend Paints shade Mussel. White countertops and white walls with wooden window frames. White floor tiles.

Mussel, Contemporary Collection

We cannot discuss blues without mentioning our iconic shade Mussel, from our Contemporary Collection. This shade has become increasingly popular as a choice for accent walls and has become a go-to for kitchen cabinetry and islands. As shown above, Mussel is a deep navy blue that is rich in colour. It is the perfect shade for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their space through colour.

Get in touch with us

After reading through our must-have shades for this season, we hope you are feeling inspired to stray away from grey and venture into the world of colour! As you can see, colour can be easily incorporated into your home’s colour scheme and does not necessarily have to be introduced in bold or loud ways. Our greens, pinks and blues are a great place to start with when considering your next painting project.

As always, we are here to help with any of your colour and product queries you may have. Reach out to us via our live chat feature here on our website, our video messaging service linked here, email at and through our social channels @colourtrendpaints. We can’t wait to help you find the perfect colour for your next interior or exterior project.

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