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August 12, 2021 4 min read

Neutral colour schemes are versatile, easy on the eye and comforting colours to live with. The term ‘neutral’ essentially refers to a low intensity colour or a shade with little colour saturation. When we think of neutrals, we often think of off-white, cream, beige, and tan hues.

Neutral palettes are inherently soothing and provide the perfect base to introduce colourful accents in your space. Below, we have selected our go-to neutral colours from our collection that we know you will love living with.

Subtle, from our Contemporary Collection

Subtle is an all-round, soft neutral from our Contemporary Collection, a popular choice amongst homeowners for living rooms and bedrooms alike. Subtle is a timeless shade that makes an excellent base for a variety of interior styles. With its gentle blend of brown and grey tones, this unimposing colour works beautifully with both bolder colours and minimalistic neutrals to create an effortless scheme. As shown below, Subtle works as an excellent backdrop for strong accent colours. This style of decorating is versatile and easy to update- adding to the allure of Subtle as the perfect soothing neutral for your living space.

A light neutral wall with a brown grey undertone

Colour (Walls)- Subtle, Contemporary Collection

Shell Cove, from our Historic Collection
Shell Cove is a beautiful classic colour from our Historic Collection. This colour has a soft taupe undertone that will work well as the basis of a monochromatic scheme to create a cohesive colour palette. Light, neutral tones like Shell Cove are reflective and will make the most of the natural light in your space to make the room feel brighter. Pairing Shell Cove with a strong, crisp white such as Milk Teeth will elevate your colour scheme even further and give your space a bright yet classical touch.

Colour (Walls)- Shell Cove, Historic Collection

Lowland, from our Contemporary Collection

Lowland is a sophisticated neutral with a warm blush glow. The comforting neutral blush tones of Lowland blend effortlessly with other creamy hues to create a soft and dreamy palette. An alternative to traditional neutral tones, Lowland is a modern neutral that will ensure a restful feeling in any space. This colour will create a cosy glow in your space to emit an undeniable sense of calm and serenity. Lowland works beautifully in north-facing lights and darker rooms to warm the area and add an irresistibly inviting feeling.

Colour (Walls)- Lowland, Contemporary Collection

Pale Brown, from our Historic Collection
When one thinks of a neutral colour, we typically think of tan and taupe shades similar to Pale Brown. Pale Brown is a mid-neutral colour with a soft taupe undertone. Seen below, paired alongside deep wooden tones, Pale Brown is contrasted with a crisp white to create a smart and refined colour scheme. The warm taupe tones of this neutral shade make this an ideal hue for bedrooms and living room walls. Alternatively, opt for Pale Brown on your kitchen cabinets alongside an off-white wall colour to create a traditional palette for your kitchen.

Colour (Walls)- Pale Brown, The Historic Collection

Reinvent, from our Contemporary Collection
This deep, stone toned neutral has a dusty grey hue, making this an alluring and elegant colour. Richer neutrals such as Reinvent are reminiscent of the natural tones we see in the world around us every day. Pairing this deep neutral with similar earthy hues will ensure warmth and comfort in your interior. The image below highlights how you can achieve a modern and simplistic look by keeping your palette minimal and earthen. Introduce a panelling feature to add depth to your space and really make Reinvent a feature in your room.

Colour (Walls)- Reinvent, Contemporary Collection

Goya, from our Contemporary Collection
Our final colour to showcase in our ‘go-to neutrals’ feature-piece is Goya, a neutral with a unique warm green undertone. With it’s gentle green hue, Goya is a grounding colour that will instil a calm feeling in your space. Seen below in a bathroom setting, Goya is an unintrusive shade that sits well against greys and browns to create a soft and inviting colour scheme. Turning to a neutral like Goya with a soft undertone, is an excellent way to subtly introduce colour into your space without becoming over-powered with bolder colours.

Colour (Walls)- Goya, Contemporary Collection

Featured above are just six of our favourite go-to neutral shades. As you will see, these colours vary in undertone and are far from the typical hues our minds jump to when we hear the term ‘neutral’.

With so many beautiful neutrals to choose from across our collections, we can help you find the perfect neutral shade for you. You can reach out to us via our live chat service, email at hello@colourtrend.ie and through our social channels @ColourtrendPaints. For larger home projects, we also offer an online consultation service with one of our expert colour consultants. You can find out more about this service here.

For further interior ideas and inspiration, check out our inspiration gallery on our website here or visit our Facebook and Instagram pages here: Colourtrend Paints on Facebook and @ColourtrendPaints on Instagram.

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