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July 23, 2021 2 min read

Deep, moody tones work extremely well in our soft, Irish light. Dark colours can be intimidating to some but they can be an excellent way of adding drama, sophistication and character to a room. People often speak about wanting a neutral tone for their living spaces, however, neutral doesn’t have to mean light. There are plenty of neutral shades that are also rich in colour- like any interiors decision, it’s about finding the right fit for your space.

Dark colours have a louder voice than their lighter counterparts. If you have a very definite feeling in mind for your space, look to stronger tones to speak louder and reinforce that feeling. Choosing the right dark tone and knowing how to decorate with it can be more difficult than finding the right off-white, follow our expert advice below to guide you in the right direction.

  • Firstly, choose a flat matt finish such as Ceramic Matt for walls or Eggshell for woodwork, this will showcase the richness of the colour.

  •  If you are apprehensive about introducing your favourite rich jewel tone such as Source, or Mussel all over your room, consider incorporating the tone as a feature wall or a colour blocking feature on furniture instead.

Cabinet Colour- Mussel from the Contemporary Collection
  • Accentuate the natural tones in your room by choosing a wall colour that coordinates with the larger features of your room such as the flooring. For example, if you have a dark wood flooring, pair it with a rich, earthy tone such as Porcino or Chestnut Pink.
Wall colour- Porcino from the Historic Collection
  • If you are struggling to see the base tones of a particular colour, look to lighter shades within the same colour family as it can be easier to see the hues of paler colours. For example, if you are looking at Four Arches but are unsure if it is a cool or warm hue, take a look at Standing Tall or Silver Birch. These tones are lighter versions of the same colour, and are a great indication of the undertones present in Four Arches.  They are also a great option to pair with Four Arches.

Wall colour- Standing Tall from the Contemporary Collection

Wall colour- Four Arches, from the Contemporary Collection

We understand that decorating with dark colours can be intimidating, but as you can see, no matter how big or small your space, there is always an opportunity to introduce deeper tones in one way or another. For further inspiration and ideas, be sure to check out our Instagram and Pinterest accounts @ColourtrendPaints or for some extra convincing, get in touch with us via our email or live chat online.

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