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February 23, 2023 3 min read

White is one of the most versatile and timeless colours, ideal for both contemporary and classical schemes white shades can be used as a beautiful main colour or a softer accent colour. Whether you are using white for a colour drenching look, to compliment a feature shade, or for skirting and architrave, finding the perfect white can be tricky. With so many nuances and undertones available, white isn’t just white anymore; it’s off-white, cream, ivory, the list goes on, however, this shows the versatility of white shades are endless. Before picking a white shade, it is important to consider the mood and atmosphere you are looking to create. Continue reading to find out more about our favourite white shades from our collections and how to find the perfect colour for your scheme.

Dining Room

How your chosen white will work with the rest of your colour palette is an important consideration before deciding on your final shade. If you are using white as a secondary, complementary shade it is best to go for a white with a neutral undertone. This is a white with a relatively unobtrusive undertone that will work well with a variety of colours. As pictured below, Milk Teeth panelling paired with Peacock Blue and soft pink furnishings - creates a welcoming and beautifully layered scheme. Milk Teeth is the perfect shade of white to use on panelling, ceilings, skirting and architrave as it is a soft off-white with a neutral undertone - unlike a lot of other off-whites with that may have a yellow hue. Alternatively, if you are using a softer white to create an all-over colour-drenched look consider a warm white like French White. As pictured below, French White is a heart-warming white, with a soft golden undertone. Paired with strong mustard furnishing, light wood, and dark metals this creates a warm but contemporary look.

Milk Teeth and French White
First Image; Milk Teeth and Peacock Blue 
Second Image; French White 


White might be one of the most popular paint shades – making it a fail-safe option for kitchens, with so many variations available, there is a shade of white that will work for any project. As pictured below, Classic White is an understated shade that offers a crisp, clean feel with a touch of softness. Classis White creates the perfect backdrop for this statement kitchen, paired with Schoolroom Green on the cabinets and elements of warm wood used throughout the kitchen, this soft palette of colours creates the perfect farmhouse style kitchen. With typically less wall space in the kitchen, it’s a great room to play with brighter and stronger colours. If you opt for bolder hues in your kitchen, be sure to add balance with softer, more neutral colours for design equilibrium.

Classic White, Schoolroom Green Kitchen

Classic White and Schoolroom Green 


Whether the look is created using our stain-resistant, washable Ceramic Matt or durable, illuminating Soft Sheen finish, using white brings an instant feeling of freshness to any space, and the freshest of all whites is Arctic Blonde. As seen below, this beautiful white shade paired with darker grey furnishings creates an industrial, contemporary scheme. Arctic Blonde is our brightest mineral white, a crisp and clean white without a harsh blue or yellow tinge that can come from off-whites.

Arctic Blonde Bedroom

Brilliant White


The resurgence of magnolia may not suit everyone’s interior style, but choosing a yellow based white is a perfect way to embody the nostalgic shade’s charms in a way that feels fresh and modern. Alabaster White, being one shade away from pure white, is one of our most versatile options – simple and soft, it’s an excellent all-round choice for white walls. As pictured below, Alabaster White paired with soft wood tones creates a fresh backdrop for a relaxing workspace.

Alabaster White Office

Alabaster White

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