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May 06, 2022 2 min read

Colour drenching is a concept that is quickly rising in popularity amongst homeowners, but what is colour drenching? Colour drenching a room involves using the same colour in different forms throughout the space, the trend can be easily achieved by painting your walls and woodwork in the same colour. Our colour expert, Dervla Farrell, advises that ‘Colour drenching is a great way to make a statement in the home. Try out this painting technique to bring a feeling of warmth and cosiness to your space and really indulge in your chosen shade’. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then continue reading to find out where to start with colour drenching.

With lighter shades

The key to colour drenching is carrying the same tone throughout your space in as many ways as possible, so when choosing your shade, make sure that it will work well with the other elements of your home like the floors and soft furnishings. Esker Ridge, as shown below, has been used to create a soft colour drench in this living space, the effects of which are cosy and comforting. Choosing a lighter shade for your colour drenching will create a snug feeling in your home, but will ensure your space also remains bright and airy.

neutral toned living room with brown walnut floors. mirror in corner, greenery and basket.

Colour (Walls and Woodwork): Esker Ridge, Contemporary Collection

With darker shades

Another alternative to the colour drenching technique is to opt for a darker, moodier tone. This is a more dramatic approach to the painting technique. Choosing a darker shade or a deep jewel tone for your colour drench will create a sense of luxury and opulence in your space. Darker shades are a brilliant choice for those looking to create a cocooning feeling in their space and are ideal for those who wish to really make a statement with their colour choice. City Dusk and Sweet Caper are two of our favourite shades to help create this dramatic look in your space.

To help you re-imagine your space with colour drenching, we have put together our expert tips and advice in to one short how-to video. Chose your favourite Colourtrend shade and follow our simple steps to give your room a completely new look.

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