2022 Paint Colour Trends With Dervla Farrell - Colourtrend Paints

June 03, 2022 2 min read

In this episode of Colourtrend in Conversation With, our Online Colour Expert Dervla Farrell chats through all of the most popular colour trends that we are seeing at present. At Colourtrend, we like to keep an eye on emerging trends from across the globe, as well as a little closer to home too, ensuring that we can give you a well-rounded idea of the very latest in interior colours trends.

When it comes to speaking about colour and interior trends for 2022, the words that come to mind are warm and earthy. We are seeing a definite shift away from cooler industrial tones to warmer neutrals and nature-inspired shades this year. Take a look at our short video below, where Dervla chats through the must have colours for your interior in 2022.

Colourtrend In Conversation With Dervla Farrell

Check out some of the fabulous shades mentioned by Dervla throughout this video:

  • Powdered Shell, a canvas toned off-white from our Weather Collection.
  • Esker Ridge, a beautiful mushroom tone from our Contemporary Collection.
  • Four Arches, a deep forest green from our Contemporary Collection.
  • Silver Birch, an airy mid toned green from our Contemporary Collection.
  • Source, a mature teal from our Contemporary Collection.
  • Midsummer Night, a vintage blue from our Historic Collection.
  • Pine Marten, a heart-warming earthy hue from our Contemporary Collection.
  • Chestnut Pink, a blush toned brown from our Contemporary Collection.

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