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July 01, 2021 3 min read

Whether you have a keen interest in interior design or you are looking to revamp your own space, it can be difficult to know where to start when creating a colour scheme. Sometimes it can be tough to understand the rules of design, but the thing is there are no rules, only guidelines. These are our top 5 tips to consider when building your colour scheme that will help simplify the process for you!

1. Start with the 'big ticket' items.

With over 2,500 colours in our library, we will find the hue that’s right for you. When building a scheme, look to your ‘big ticket items’ such as your couch, flooring, furnishings and fabrics- the things in the space that are not going to be changed but will dictate the colour you select. The image below provides a perfect example of how focusing on a ‘big ticket item’ like your couch, can help you build an effortless, cohesive colour scheme. 

Wall Colour- Blue Folly, Historic Collection

2. Create a vibe or feeling for the room, not a theme.

When you see a space that is particularly aesthetically pleasing, it is often because the person who created it had a specific feeling they wanted to evoke in the space. Identify how you would like the room to feel and consider if you would like an earthy, crisp or energetic feeling for example, and try to avoid strict themes such as nautical or floral as these can appear one-dimensional and you may grow tired of the space quicker. From the image below, you will see how you can create a zen feeling with your chosen colour scheme without following a strict theme and allowing your décor to remain versatile.

Monochrome living room with green accents, Colourtrend OysterCatch 0585

Wall Colour- OysterCatch 0585, 1320 Fandeck Collection

3. Distinguish between warm and cool tones.

You will often hear people speak of warm or cool tones. Shades with red, orange or yellow undertones may often be described as warm tones whereas blues, purples and some greens are described as cool tones. Cool tones generally create a more serene feel to a space with warm tones introducing energy and liveliness. Both the size of the room you are decorating and the temperature of the hue you are choosing will come into play in deciding your tone.

Wall Colour- Winter's Breath, a cool tone from the Contemporary Collection
Wall Colour- French White, a warm tone from the Contemporary Collection.


4. Creating a flow throughout your home.

If you would like a colour scheme to run throughout your home a good rule of thumb to start with is to decide on one main colour, identify two to three accent tones that may be introduced with paint or accessories, pick one bold colour, one white tone and one neutral. This will guide you when making decisions for your space. For example – your main colour could be Watch House, your two to three accent tones could be Inkwell, Standing Tall and DolmenContrast could be your bold tone, Arctic Blonde your white tone and Batch Loaf your neutral.

Colour Scheme: Wall colour- Arctic Blonde, Contemporary Collection, Cabinet colour- Dolmen, Contemporary Collection, Island colour- Contrast, Contemporary Collection.

5. Consider the lighting in your room.

When selecting tones for each room a good tip is to select the colour for the space in the light the room will be used.  So, if you are choosing a colour for your bedroom ensure the lighting is the same it would be when you are using the room – pull down bedroom blinds and turn on beside lamps.

Skirting colour- Black Licorice 0529, 1320 Fandeck Collection

In summary, following the guidance above will help guide you in creating your next beautiful space. It goes without saying that here at Colourtrend, we are more than happy to help you build the perfect colour scheme for your home. Our colour experts have extensive knowledge of the Colourtrend range of colours and the expertise to put together a bespoke scheme to suit both your home and your personal style. You can get in touch with us via our online consultation service, online chat, VideoAsk, email via hello@colourtrend.ie, across our social platforms and in store.

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