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December 03, 2021 3 min read

Green has in many ways become the new black when it comes to go-to interior shades. Welcoming the calming influences of nature into your home with a green interior will invigorate and uplift your space. Depending on the depth and tone, greens can be soothing and refreshing, or they can be bold and powerful. 

Alongside showcasing our go-to green colours from our collection below, our online colour expert Dervla Farrell, has shared some further colour insights to inspire your next interior project.

1. Silk Seal

Silk Seal- Colourtrend Paints Contemporary Collection

One of our most understated greens, this grey-toned green is simple and uncomplicated. Silk Seal will add the softest touch of green to your space, making this the perfect shade for those looking for a subdued and subtle look. Dervla notes that Silk Seal is the perfect green if you have a grey scheme that you want to diversify. This tone will also work particularly well if you have any warmer shades in your space, like burgundy’s, golds, or warm woods that you would like to cool down.

2. Standing Tall

Standing Tall- Colourtrend Paints Contemporary Collection

This rich and profound sage green will make a statement in any room. Standing Tall is an ideal shade to pair alongside natural wooden furnishings and greenery. Similar in depth and tone to the natural green hue of the Irish landscape, this earthy shade will bring elements of the outdoors in to create a refreshing, contemporary feeling in your home. Consider this shade for a living room or bedroom, where you would like to achieve a sense of relaxation.

3. Sweet Caper

Sweet Caper- Colourtrend Paints Contemporary Collection

Sweet Caper is an irresistibly rich, mossy green shade and is one of our deepest true greens in our collection. Moss greens are reassuring, comforting shades that keep us grounded to our natural surroundings. This shade will add drama and sophistication to any space. Consider pairing this rich shade with a gentle neutral like Batch Loaf, as shown above, alongside bold accents to create an effortlessly curated earthy look in your living space. A stand-out favourite amongst our team of colour experts, Dervla notes “we’ve seen a lot of deep greens this year and Sweet Caper is one of my favourites. Moving away from grey-greens, this shade has a rich, earthy warmth that makes it the perfect moody green for Irish light”.

4. Schoolroom Green

Schoolroom Green- Colourtrend Paints Historic Collection

Dervla describes Schoolroom Green as a versatile shade that can work in almost every room of your house, “With it’s vintage feel, Schoolroom Green will bring a timeless look to any space”. Schoolroom Green has a gentle cool blue undertone that sits well against cool neutrals and whites. Schoolroom Green will make a beautiful addition in smaller or darker rooms. Soft and subdued in nature, this shade will still have the calming effect of a stronger green, but will ensure your space does not become overpowered.

5. Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath is a much-loved deep mossy green shade from our Historic Collection. Recently announced as our December Colourtrend of the Month, this rich green will add an irresistible warmth to any space. Christmas Wreath will make for a beautiful feature on kitchen cabinetry to add an intriguing depth to your space. Consider pairing this rich shade with warm metallic fittings like brass, gold and copper tones to enhance the warmth of Christmas Wreath.

6. Spring's Call

Spring's Call- Colourtrend Paints Contemporary Collection

When we think of green, our mind instantly reverts to bold forest greens and cooling sage tones. Spring’s Call, from our Contemporary Collection, defies our idea of a conventional green. The understated green tones of this versatile white will add a soft warmth to your space. Spring’s Call is an excellent choice for those looking to stray away from the stark feeling of a pure white, but would like to keep a bright, fresh appearance in their space. When building your colour scheme around this shade, consider incorporating soft greys and natural tones. This will ensure a homely, comforting feeling in your space.

Featured above are just six of our favourite go-to green shades. With so many beautiful greens to choose from across our collections, we can help you find the perfect shade for you. You can reach out to us via our live chat service, email at hello@colourtrend.ie and through our social channels @ColourtrendPaints. For larger home projects, we also offer an online consultation service with our expert colour consultant. You can find out more about this service here.

For further interior ideas and inspiration, check out our inspiration gallery on our website here or visit our Facebook and Instagram pages here: Colourtrend Paints on Facebook and @ColourtrendPaints on Instagram.

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