Infusing Life Into Spaces with Dramatic Trims - Colourtrend Paints

May 15, 2024 2 min read

In the realm of interior design, attention is often lavished upon walls, furnishings, and décor, while trims quietly inhabit the background. Yet, these humble accents – skirting, door frames, and windowsills – possess a hidden potential to transform a space from ordinary to magnificent.



The Power of Subtlety

Enter the realm of dramatic trims, where the subtle application of deeper or contrasting hues on woodwork yields striking results, enriching the character and visual allure of any room.

Picture this: a room with walls bathed in the serene tones of Natterjack, a hue specifically selected from the Collection. Our collection of colours is designed to harmonise with the Irish landscape, with Natterjack echoing the earthy pigments found in the deep green spots of our endangered native toad.

 Infusing Personality

But what exactly makes dramatic trims so compelling? For one, they inject a sense of character and personality into the space, turning average features into focal points of intrigue. Whether it's the rich, velvety hue of Ben Bulben framing a doorway or the subtle contrast of Natterjack on the skirting, each colour choice adds its own unique charm.


Moreover, the strategic use of deeper shades on trims imparts a feeling of warmth and cosiness to the surroundings. In a world where every inch of space is meticulously curated, it's the subtle embrace of warm tones like Mucky Swan or dark tones like Ben Bulben that invites one to linger, to enjoy the ambiance, and to feel truly at home.


Harmony in Design

Consider, too, the symbiotic relationship between walls and trims. When walls are adorned with vibrant wallpaper or painted in intricate patterns, the choice of a deeper shade on trims acts as an anchor, grounding the design scheme in harmony and balance. Whether it's the interplay of Temperance against bold wallpaper or the complementary contrast of Profound with intricate patterns, each combination creates a harmonious balance.


In essence, the allure of dramatic trims lies not simply in their aesthetic appeal, but in their transformative power. They possess the ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, to infuse spaces with personality and warmth, and to create a canvas upon which design dreams can unfold.


 Embrace the Drama

So, the next time you embark on a journey of interior rejuvenation, don't overlook the potential of trims. Embrace the drama, indulge in the richness of deeper hues, and watch as your space comes alive with character and charm. After all, when it comes to design, it's often the smallest details that make the biggest impact. With a palette as diverse as Natterjack, Mucky Swan, Profound,  Temperance, and Ben Bulben, the possibilities are endless.


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