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July 23, 2021 3 min read

It is impossible to discuss the effect of colour on our mood without looking to the psychology of colour. Colour can influence our emotions and evoke feelings, it can even unknowingly alter our perceptions. When bringing the ideals of colour psychology into your own home it is important to look to different hues, shades, tints and tones of a colour. There are warm, cool, bold and bright versions of every colour so finding the right shade for you will have the biggest effect on your mood.

Colour is one of the strongest design elements of a space- both the amount of colour used and the type of colour used are of equal importance. Opting for a saturated, analogous scheme is one of our favourite painting techniques and creates a strong impact. The image below shows how a warm nude hue such as Chestnut Pink from our Contemporary Collection can be used on the walls, ceiling, woodwork and architrave to create a comforting, cosy feel in the room. You may be apprehensive to be as bold with the consistent use of the same colour on all painted surfaces in your room but to create this effect, the expression ‘more is more’ comes to mind.

In contrast to the above, a lighter colour choice will create a bright and airy space.  Subtle in the below image is a great example of this. Subtle is richer than brilliant white so is not guilty of appearing stark, it has a degree of warmth to it and also allows other hues in the scheme to show their strengths and characteristics. Used here in a hallway, Subtle brings a calming and simplistic element to the space. Paired with Silver Birch, a natural green hue on the woodwork. The combination of a soft wall colour choice, natural design elements, and a stronger hue on architrave and doors creates a simple sanctuary feel, somewhere you will want to spend time.

Lastly, if you would like to change the mood of a space but are not ready to commit to a head-to-toe makeover, a simple pop of colour can make a massive difference.  Look to the corner or element of your room you want to highlight and focus in on it or if you are looking to disguise a section of your space, look to the opposite end of the room to spotlight and draw the eye away.  This may be a bookcase full of your favourite novels, your dining table in an open plan area, the decorative ceiling of your Georgian home, or simply a corner missing a little something.  When choosing the colour to introduce, take inspiration from your favourite hues– take a look at your favourite dress, cushion, print, or flower and bring that colour into your space.  If you pick a colour that you love, the instant effect on the room will be a burst of colourful happiness.  Our favourite smile inducing hues are Iced Float, Dragonfly Wing, Furze Lane (as seen below), and Source.

In summary, the colours we choose to introduce into our homes can greatly influence how we feel. With over 1,500 colours in our collections to choose from, you can have confidence that you will find the right shade to set the mood in your home. If you would like any guidance in finding the perfect shade for your space, simply reach out to us via our live chat feature or by email at

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