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December 09, 2020 1 min read


As spring draws closer, we begin to feel a slight change in the crisp air and the rich shades of greens are beginning to appear from the buds of the branches. March’s Colourtrend of the Month is Nettle Soup, a chalk green, with an underlying fresh undertone.


The muted nature of this green can enhance a room’s brightness as the creamy undertones will draw in light and open up the space. If you are looking to paint one wall in an existing room, the understated shade of green will complement rather than overpower. As Nettle Soup is a soft colour, it’s also easy to pair with both strong and muted furnishings, whether traditional or modern.


We draw inspiration from the character of our culture and the sea of green that gathers across the streets of our nation to celebrate St. Patrick. Spring is also on our horizon, welcoming the rebirth of the fresh and rich greens that blanket our landscapes.

Nettle Soup is popular for living rooms and bedrooms as the soothing effect of the muted tones allows one to focus rather than feel overwhelmed.


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