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July 01, 2021 2 min read

When building a colour scheme, there are no limitations when choosing Colourtrend. Our unique tinting system ensures all Colourtrend colours are available in every Colourtrend finish- any colour, every finish. Choose your perfect colour and then select the finish that is most suitable for your decorating project. Click on the following links to learn more about each of our Interior, Trim and Weather finishes.

Our Colour Library

Our three main colour collections; Contemporary, Historic, and Weather, have all been inspired by the innumerable colours of the Irish landscape.

The Colourtrend Contemporary Collection consists of 60 colours which take inspiration from elements of modern Ireland. The Contemporary Collection is updated every three to four years to evolve with trends in colour and contemporary life.

The Colourtrend Historic Collection is inspired by the skills and traditions of artisan colour craftsmen, this timeless collection of 88 colours will give your space an enduring sophistication.

The Colourtrend Weather Collection is specifically selected to work in harmony with the Irish landscape. The earth pigments used to create the palette of 44 colours will blend beautifully into any landscape, urban or rural. The colours from our Weather Collection can be used for interior projects and similarly the colours from our Contemporary and Historic Collections can be used for exterior projects.

Our 1320 Fandeck Collection and our Archived Collection complete our full colour library consisting of over 1,500 colours, all of which are available in each of our 8 finishes.

Our Collection Online

There are over 1,500 colours available for you to choose from online including our Historic, Contemporary and Weather collections as well as our 1320 Fandeck collection and a selection of timeless colours from our Archived collections. You can avail of our full range of colours including our complete range of Archived collections through our network of expert independent stockists nationwide and our own retail stores.

Always remember, only Colourtrend quality comes in a Colourtrend can. Matching our colours in another paint will not give you the colour, finish or quality that you desire, and deserve.

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