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March 28, 2024 4 min read

EZ Living Interiors delivers aesthetic intel through its Spring Directions series, mitigating short-lived trends, to focus on style, comfort, longevity and durability. Designed to offer inspiration to homeowners, from first-time buyers and young couples, to families and single occupiers, these directions offer flexible options to suit the diverse scale and preferences of Irish homes and their occupants, whether they are seasoned interiors shoppers or in the early stages of evolving their personal style.

Silk Seal

Creative manager, Emma Murphy, says, “Spring is a great time to start a project. It feels like a natural time for refreshing and focusing on what you can do to improve your health and happiness. It’s easy to enter into a project and base your decisions on what is the standard shopping list for furniture; however, lack of foresight can have an impact on your daily life. Taking the time to consider how you want your space to function is my first step into any project.”

The creative team, led by Emma has created Four Spring Directions, for the season we traditionally associate with planning for updates to our interiors.

Family Friendly Living offers an approach to suit growing families and first-time buyers, blending function, comfort and all-important durability without compromising on style. Furniture like sofas, chairs and rugs are  selected for their ease of cleaning, while accessories have been meticulously chosen to withstand frequent use in busy homes. Materials such as jute in rugs and oak furniture are resilient options, with jute hardwearing in high-traffic homes, and any scuffs to oak easily rectified with sandpaper.  As we know, durability is paramount in busy households, which is why we recommend integrating Old Bone into your  family friendly design scheme.


Old Bone is the deepest in our neutral brown tones, boasting a hint more grey than Aluna. This soft contemporary hue, coupled with its Ceramic Matt finish, provides exceptional durability, making it ideal for family-friendly homes. Its stain-resistant and washable properties, combined with ceramic microsphere technology, ensure longevity and ease of maintenance, perfect for high-traffic areas such as interior walls and ceilings.



Upgraded Neutrals creates a versatile colour palette that can be built on with accent pieces of furniture and bright accessories to suit any style of home, allowing the homeowner flexibility to decide how much or how little colour they want to add. It’s also one to appeal to first-time buyers taking neutral hero pieces that have longevity and can accommodate the addition of new themes as the homeowner develops their personal style.

For those seeking warmth, solace, and reliability, we recommend incorporating  Batch Loaf. This warm neutral, reminiscent of the comforts of home, exudes a soft taupe hue suitable for a variety of design schemes.

Additionally, Ivory Tusk offers a cool neutral stone white option that adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Its versatility allows it to stand alone or serve as an excellent complement to darker colours. Whether used as a primary colour or as a backdrop for accent pieces, Ivory Tusk enhances the aesthetic appeal of any room.



Green as a Neutral is ideal for anyone looking to refresh their home, tying in with the Upgraded Neutrals and new neutrals palette as a whole. Warmer colours work with the freshness of green for a cosy cocooning vibe with a hint contemporary, complementing most existing pieces in a home.

We recommend incorporating  colour Silk Seal, a versatile grey with subtle green undertones. This contemporary hue adds a touch of playfulness to any room while maintaining a cosy cocooning vibe.

Silk Seal complements the warmth of green tones, creating a harmonious balance between freshness and contemporary style. Whether used as a primary wall colour or as an accent, Silk Seal adds depth and character to your space, tying in seamlessly with the overall design aesthetic.



Eclectic Industrial takes the edge off the emphasis on function over form we associate with the industrial aesthetic, looking to warm up homes that might reflect the colder aspect of the look. Adding a fabric mix of cane, jute, tweed and leather softens the look and helps absorb the din often experienced in spaces with an emphasis on hard surfaces. For an alternative neutral tone that exudes calm and tranquillity, we recommend Lowland.

Lowland offers a refreshing alternative to grey, infusing your space with warmth and sophistication. Its understated elegance pairs beautifully with white tones or deep natural wooden hues, creating an open and inviting atmosphere. Whether used on walls, furniture, or accents, Lowland adds a touch of serenity to any eclectic industrial-inspired space.


The above directions offer versatile design options curated from the EZ Living Interiors collections, whether your home is a period or modern property, a family home or space efficient apartment. By integrating these Colourtrend Paint colours into your design scheme, you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home while ensuring durability, versatility, and timeless style.

To jumpstart your project, Emma says, “Look at how you use your space currently and how you imagine using the space in the future. Think about how you want the room to feel aesthetically as well as in the materials you interact with, and once you’re clear on how you want the space to work, look and feel, think about how you want to use your budget.”



Embrace the transformative power of colour with Colourtrend Paints. Our water-based, low VOC paints are designed to withstand all that family life has to throw at them. If you would like to find out more about Spring Trend Directions for 2024 or have any product queries, then we are here to help.

For more colour inspiration and advice, be sure to check out our blog, The Trend, and follow us on all our social channels @colourtrendpaints. Our team is here to assist you from Monday to Friday via our live chat feature on our website, email at, and across all our social channels. If you're looking for guidance on creating the perfect colour scheme for your home, explore our range of online colour consultation services.

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