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November 24, 2021 3 min read

A dedicated workspace in your home that encourages focus and productivity, is one of the key aspects of achieving a work-life balance. The colours you choose to surround yourself with can have a direct effect on your mood, so it is of vital importance to create a workspace that you will enjoy spending time in. Whether your home office will be used as a retreat to turn the pages of your favourite book or the surroundings for your daily zoom calls, these 6 inspiring home office ideas will ensure a comfortable and inspiring workspace that will allow you to find just the right work-life balance.

1. A Nature-Inspired Workspace

Colour: Standing Tall, Contemporary Collection

Drawing inspiration from nature for your home office will help to create a calm and relaxing work environment for you. Standing Tall is a saturated grey with an earthy sage green undertone, this shade offers the perfect base to create a grounded, down-to-earth space. Incorporate other nature inspired elements in your office area such as greenery and natural materials to complete this look.

2. A Bold Workspace

City Dusk, Colourtrend Paints Contemporary Collection

Colour: City Dusk, Contemporary Collection

Don’t be afraid to embrace deeper hues like the stunning City Dusk. Opting for a rich wall colour in your home office will create a cosy, cocooning feeling, that will allow you to set all other distractions aside and focus on your work. Deeper tones with an underlying warm tone offer a natural sense of comfort, the perfect surrounding for an evening spent at your study desk. Chestnut Pink and Mallow Stem from our Contemporary Collection will offer this same cosy effect as City Dusk.

3. A Minimalistic Workspace

Batch Loaf, Colourtrend Paints

Colour: Batch Loaf, Contemporary Collection

Welcome an understated, minimalistic look in your home office space to create an uncomplicated and decluttered environment. Opting for a soft and gentle neutral shade like Batch Loaf, will add a subtle warmth to your space. Consider elevating your neutral toned space with panelling to create a picturesque Zoom call background. Other soft neutral tones from our collections like Salter Stone and Foraging will achieve a similar look for your minimalistic home office.

4. A Refreshing Workspace

Winter's Breath Colourtrend Paints

Colour: Winter's Breath, Contemporary Collection

Introduce a fresh off-white like Winter’s Breath to keep your space clean and crisp. Much like its namesake, this soft grey-green shade is like an invigorating breath of fresh air. Shades like Winter’s Breath and Spring’s Call are perfect for ensuring a fresh feeling in home offices that receive a good amount of natural daylight. Introducing a refreshing shade into your home office will ensure that your work environment feels bright and airy.

5. A Multi-Purpose Workspace

Dressage and Milk Teeth, Colourtrend Paints

Colour: Dressage, Contemporary Collection and Milk Teeth, Historic Collection

A multi-purpose workspace will allow you to conveniently fold the day away and make dual use of your office area. There are many ways in which you can use colour to enhance the flexibility of your workspace. Whether you are using a foldaway desk or a built-in alcove to embrace the transition from day to night, defining your work area with a contrasting colour, either on the walls or with painted furniture, is a great way to emphasise this concept. Consider contrasting a bold, almost black, hue like Dressage with a fresh white like Milk Teeth for a strong impact.

6. A Workspace within a Space

Greengage and Foraging, Colourtrend Paints

Colour: Greengage, Historic Collection and Foraging, Contemporary Collection

A home office does not necessarily have to take over one whole room of your home. Creating a workspace within a space of your home is an excellent way to make the most out of any available space in your home. Consider converting an alcove or corner of a room into your own home office by using colour blocking techniques to define the space. Below, we show you just how easy it can be to create a unique and defined workspace using simple colour blocking in any part of your home, be it your dining room, living room or bedroom. Take a look at our short video below to see how you too can re-imagine your home office space.

As you can see, there are multiple ways that you can re-imagine your home office and add a unique touch to your workspace. For further advice in re-defining your own home office space, reach out to us via email at hello@colourtrend.ie, our video messaging service available here, our live chat feature or any of our social platforms @colourtrendpaints.

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