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December 13, 2020 3 min read

In every home, the kitchen is always the heart.  It’s where meals are made, its where tea is drunk and its where the whole family come to celebrate, commiserate and communicate.

It can also be a large area with many considerations for when it comes to changing the colour of one of the most important areas of your home.

Starting with your units and fixtures such as the cooker and counter tops and maybe you have a matching kettle and toaster set that you love, all these things come into the consideration process when it comes to choosing your colour scheme.

Your kitchen might have 2 large windows or several doors leading in and out or maybe its long and narrow with very little natural light.

So when it comes to your colour choice, think about all these elements and how the colour of your walls can bring them together in a harmony that you will love living with every day.



Presses – Dove White 0018



Green is the colour of nature and it works really well with the natural tones of wood we sometimes find in kitchens, a lot of people have wooden presses or floors or tables and chairs.  Green’s can bring a soothing and relaxing feeling to a kitchen, making it a place to decompress and relax.  If you have windows to your garden, a soft green tone can reflect this and bring the outside in.

We would recommend looking at Silk Seal from our Contemporary Collection for a soft green that reflects light beautifully. Or Cooks Garden from our Historic Collection, bringing a sense of nature to your kitchen. 




Bring the colour of sunshine in your kitchen with yellow. Paired with soft whites, yellow can bring energy and light into your home.  Yellow can energize and invigorate the area of your home that wakes you up in the morning.

Keep to pops of yellow if you don’t want to overwhelm yourself all day, and soften the scheme with clean whites that will harmonise with the yellow.  We would recommend looking at Breakfast Room from our Historic Collection and Milk Teeth. 



The sea and the sky offering up a thousand shades of blue to bring a sense of calm to your favourite space in your home.  Even when the skies are dull, blue can be uplifting and serene at the same time.  A great match for an area of your home that can be busy but also a room to relax and spend time.

We would recommend looking at Elfin from our Contemporary Collection or Ormond Wash from our Historic Collection. 



Preparing your kitchen for painting

Preparation is even more important in your kitchen than in most other rooms in your home.  It’s an area that gets a lot of use, high traffic but also experiences high levels of grease from cooking and dirt from everyday life.

Cleaning down your walls is very important and ensuring those areas of high grease contact around your cooker are cleaned down very well.  Use a mild degreaser or sugar soap and rinse well, leaving the walls to dry completely before you paint is also extremely important.

Those areas where hands come into contact with walls can also leave oils on your wall that can cause issues with your paint adhering correctly.  Wash down areas around your doors and also around the sink.


Choosing your finish

With your kitchen being such a high traffic area, you want a finish that is hardwearing and can withstand the wiping away of all those day to day household stains.  Colourtrend Ceramic Matt is an excellent choice for this, not only is it washable and wipeable; without any loss of colour; it also is stain resistant.  It prevents stains from adhering to its surface giving it a tile-like washability but with a flat matt finish.


Your kitchen will be the heart of your home and with our colours, a part of your home that you love living in.  With our technologically advanced paint, an area of your home that will look beautiful for longer.

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