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December 13, 2020 1 min read

A pop of colour is so welcoming on a front door. Follow these instructions for the best possible outcome when painting yours.

Substrate: Front door

Note: The advice below is suitable for the following exterior surfaces; PVC, Hardwoods, glossy paint, gloss and clear varnishes.

Surface Preparation:

Proper surface preparation is crucial to maximum finish performance. The durability of this product can be impaired by an unsound or poorly prepared surface. Surfaces must be clean, dry and sound before painting.

  • Clean door with degreaser cleaner, e.g sugar soap
  • Allow surface to dry
  • Remove loose or flaking paint
  • Fill with suitable filler
  • Sand well with a fine sandpaper to get a key on previous gloss/varnish
  • Remove dust
  • Remove or mask any hardware you want to protect

Application of Primer:

  • Can be applied with brush, roller or spray
  • Apply one coat of Colourtrend Prime 2
  • Allow 6-8 hours to be touch dry (depending on drying conditions)
  • Recoat in 12 hours (depending on drying conditions)
  • Apply second coat of Colourtrend Prime 2 (only required if painting over oily woods)
  • Allow to dry fully

Note: if the surface you are painting is not listed above please refer to our ‘Colourtrend Prime’ booklet.

Application of Top Coat:

Choose between Colourtrend Satin or Gloss in your desired colour.

  • Can be applied with brush, roller or spray
  • Apply one coat of chosen colour/finish
  • Allow to dry (recoat in 6-8 hours depending on drying conditions)
  • Apply second coat of colour/finish
  • Allow to dry

Note: Coating will achieve full adhesion in seven days